6G welding tests

6G Welding Tests

What are 6G Welds used for?

Groove welds, including 6G welds, are used on all kinds of joints except for joints constructed from two overlapping pipes, known as lap joints. It’s rare a certified welder will encounter pipes requiring 6G welds while working, but it’s a common pre-employment test.

Our scope of service will be carried out in accordance with ISO EN 287 standard and will include:
–        witness weld sample prior to test (minimum size of the test samples are as per standard)
–        witness the welding process
–        examination of the complete weld visually with your quality control personnel in attendance
–        review of the non-destructive tests as required by the standard (NDT testing to be coordinated by the workshop)
–        issuance of the WQR Certificate/s upon satisfactory completion of all required testing

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