Fundamentals of welding

Course Title: Fundamentals of Welding                                     Level: I Total Hours: 50 Practice 42: Theory 8 hrs Course Description:   The welding disciplines covered in this course are MMAW GTAW and GMAW. This course is intended specifically for those students that have no or insignificant knowledge, and skill in this particular welding process. It covers a number of welding positions and techniques specifically to allow the student to get familiarised in this field. Furthermore, during practice the student is to perform structural welds in the flat and horizontal positions using different techniques and processes. This course will prepare the student for the Introduction MMAW GMAW and GTAW. The theoretical module/unit that will be covered during lectures include:
  • Overview to welding and safe practices
Course learning outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course the student should:
  • Define safety hazards related to welding and the working environment
  • Practice safe working techniques during practicum
  • Identify different welding processes and welding techniques
  • Acquire knowledge on the principles of thermal and mechanical cutting
  • Demonstrate competence when using oxy-acetylene cutting equipment
  • Identify critical welding equipment and parameters in the MMAW process
  • Produce structural welds in the flat and horizontal positions using the MMAW process
  • Distinguish between the different welding positions and types of welded joints
Prerequisites: None Download our Welding Courses – Application Form to apply.

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